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3D Bubble Haunted Room

3D Bubble Haunted Room

San Diego Kids Party Rentals 3D Bubble Haunted Room Rental.  Rent this item as part of your haunted house, as a haunted room, or a stand alone fun attraction.  

Our price $425.00

Dimensions 10' x 10'


3D Halloween Haunted Bubble Room Rental
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San Diego Kids Party Rentals 3D, black-light Halloween Haunted Bubble Room is suitable for young kids and still very fun for teens and adults. The Halloween Haunted Room is created inside a 10' x 10' dark canopy that has 4 black side walls, one of which has a zippered entrance, that are covered with 8, 4' x 6' 3-D Dot Panels. By themselves, the Dot Panels look super cool in the black light, but then when one is wearing the 3D glasses, it's becomes an incredible experience! Plus, the Wicked Witch is stirring a large caldron from which the glow-in-the-dark lights and bubbles are flowing from the hidden bubble machine inside the black barrel or caludron. The bubbles are made of a unique bubble mixture created specially for Halloween and black-light parties.
An optional feature to the Halloween 3-D Haunted Bubble Room is the inclusion of the "3-D Dot Figure" who can come to life while the guests are in the room. With 3-D glasses, its hard to differentiate the Dot Figure from the walls panels until he starts moving and doing whatever he/she does to scare the visitors. The scariness of the 3-D Dot Figure depends on how you set the scene to best figt with the ages of your guests.
This is a room where pictures or non-3-D videos have a hard time doing it justice -- but, check out our video to get a better idea of how the room will work.

Items Included with the 3-D Haunted Bubble Room Rental:

      * 4 Wall 10' x 10' Dark Canopy Tent
* 8, 4' x 6' 3-D Dot Wall Panels

* 50 Gallon Drum or "Caludron"

* Colorful strobe light coming out the barrel

* Mechanical Witch reading a spell book prop (motion sensorsed).

* Hanging Light-up Ghost.

* Random glow in the dark Mask.

* 3-D Dot Suit (person to wear the suit and entertain/scare is not included)

* Strobe Light

* Black Light

* 3-D Glasses (glasses must be returned with rental)




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