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1-on-1 Hoop Shot Basketball Game

1-on-1 Hoop Shot Basketball Game

Unfortuntaley this basketball rental unit has been discontinued.  Please take a look at our 5 basket hoop challenge for a replacement rental.


1-on-1 Hoop Shot Basketball Game-

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1-on-1 Hoop Shot Basketball Game Hoop Shot Basketball Game Rental San Diego
The 1 on1 Hoop Shot Basketball Game is fun for all ages. It is a fast-paced competition with a clock and timer, featuring a bright LED display.  This classic one-on-one basketball game has players compete in a shootout to score the most points before time runs out!  This is great for sport-theme parties, carnivals as a fun arcade game, birthday parties, or other fun celebrations.
Basketball Carnival Game Rental San Diego
When a player makes a basket, the cycle will begin and a music tune will play and the first shot starts the game.  The timer will then reset to 30 seconds and begin counting down. A "Beep" will sound when a basket is made. A different pitched "beep" will sound for each player. During the first 20 seconds of play, 2 points per basket will be scored. During the last 10 seconds of play, 3 points per basket will be scored. The decimal point on the display will illuminate to signal this transition. When the time counts down to zero, the buzzer then sounds and the score display is retained for each player.
 Kids Basketball Game Rental San Diego
If 30 or more points are scored, a "Charge" tune plays and a 15 second bonus period is awarded. If a high score equals 90 points or more, a double "Charge" tune plays and a second bonus period of 10 seconds is awarded. After a 6 second time delay, the score clears for both players. A "high score" in memory is displayed on the center 2 digits. The high score resets to 00 if the game is not played within a 30 minute time frame. The rental includes 7-inch rubber basketballs.
* Level ground
* Electrical - one 15 amp circuit at 110 volts
WARNING: Do NOT use in Rain, Wind, or Lightning. Do NOT climb or lean on the frame or in the ramp, as serious personal injury may result.

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