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2014 - New Rental Products and Entertainment

New Rental Products for 2014!

Large-Scale Interactive Games & Obstacle Courses
         Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course Rental        Warrior Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course Rental San Diego
  Rugged Warrior Mega Obstacle Course - Mix & Match Layout 
               Daredevil Island Inflatable Action Game Rental                     Wipeout Meltdown Interactive Game
       Dare Devil Island Slide and Free Fall Jump                              Wipeout 8 Person Interactive Game

 Water Slides & Water-Based Games
Fire and Ice Water Slide Rental       Dual Lane Run and Splash Slippery Water Slide Rental       
 Fire & Ice Dual Lane Water Slide        Two-Lane Run & Splash Water Slider              Beat the Bucket

Disney Themed Inflatable Bounce House & Combo Jumpers
   Disney Monsters University Bounce House Slide Combo      Monsters University Disney Bouncy Castle Rental
     Monsters' University 4-in-1 Combo          Monsters' University Bounce House

Carnival Games
        Easy High Striker Adult Carnival Game Rental                   Milk Can Toss Carnival Game                   
           Adult 14' High Striker                Milk Can Toss Game                  MegaWire Carnival game
             Flip A Chick Carnival Game Rental      Bushel Basket Toss Carnival Game Rental
                        Flip-A-Chick Carnival Game                                  Bushel Basket Toss Carnival Game
    Kids Train Retnal Birthday Party San Diego              Tic Tac Toe Carnival Game Rental  Giant Large Format Checkers Game
        Kid-Powered Train &Track           Tic-Tac-Toe Ball Toss Game        Large-Format Checkers Games

       Tip the Bottle Carnival Game Rental               Leaping Lizards Carnival Game Rental          Richochet Carnival Game Rental

 Tip the Bottle Carnival Game          Leaping Lizards Carnival Game             Richochet Carnival Game

Replacement Inflatables - New for 2014!
 Birthday Cake 4-in-1 Combo - is the perfect inflatable jump, slide, climb, and hoop shoot activity for any child's birthday party!  The birthday cake bounce house is available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.   Jungle Adventure 4-in-1 Combo - is the perfect activity for a jungle theme party for any kids party!  The inflatable combo unit includes an inflatable bounce house, slide, climbing ramp, and an inflatable  basket ball hoop inside the inflatable jump.  Available for rent from San Diego Kids Party RentalsUnder the Sea 4-in-1 Combo - includes beautiful ocean-themed graphics on an inflatable bounce house, with inflatable slide, climbing ramp, and inflatable basketball hoop.  Great for kid parties, birthday party, or other children celebration.  Available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.
      Birthday Cake 4-in1 Combo           Jungle Adventure 4-in-1 Combo           Under the Sea 4-in-1 Combo
 The combination jump, slide, climbing ramp and basketball hoop -- makes this bounce house combo the perfect solution for a sports theme party or for any active boy or girl in San Diego!  Available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.        Super Splash Down Water Slide - fun inflatable water slide available in San Diego from San Diego Kids Party Rentals     Monster Wave Water Slide -- exciting dual-lane water fun!  The inflatable water slide allows two people to slide down at the same time and enjoy the thrill of the "curve"  Definitely a big hit at kids parties!  Available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.
       All Star Arena 4-in-1 Combo            Super Splash Water Slide              Monster Wave Water Slide
                          70-Ft Castle Obstacle Course - inflatable obstacle course and slide available for rent in San Diego from San Diego Kids Party Rentals                   Turbo Rush - Dual Lane Inflatable Obstacle Course with two slides for rent in San Diego for kids parties.
                        70-Foot Castle Obstacle Course                        Dual-Lane Turbo Rush Obstacle Course
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