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Chocolate Fountain Instructions


 Chocolate Fountain Schematic

Crown, Top Tier


Removable Basin

Fountain Base



Lower Tiers

Decorative Legs

Leveling Feet

Base Screen

1.       Read all of these instructions prior to beginning set-up of the chocolate fountain.

2.       Securely tighten Removable Basin (7) to Fountain Base (9) by turning clockwise. Do NOT over tighten.

3.       Place on level surface and/or rotate the adjustable Leveling Feet (12) until it is level. The fountain must be on a level surface for the chocolate to “curtain” down the fountain

4.       Position the Cylinder (3) to fit inside the stainless steel sleeve located in the Basin (7) so that the cylinder stands in place. The welded knob on the cylinder should fit inside the groove on the sleeve. Press down on the cylinder to ensure that it is firmly placed.

5.       Slide the largest tier (2c) over the cylinder, sloping downward, until it stops in position over bottom the step on the cylinder wall.  Do the same process for the other tier (2b). Tiers should be at room temperature.

6.       Place the Stabilizer (5), a black plastic piece with a slit in one side, over the auger knob (4). The Stabilizer helps to keep the auger centered in the cylinder.

7.       Plug in the fountain and move the switch to “PREHEAT”. Turn the temperature dial to 10 and allow the basin to preheat for 5 minutes.

8.       Once the basin is pre-heated, place 1 bag of chocolate in the Removable Basin and turn the Heat Setting to 8 for Dark Chocolate, or 7 for Milk/White chocolate so that the chocolate will melt.  Stir every 2-3 minutes, scraping it from the basin with a spatula as you go to prevent scorching.

9.       Once the chocolate is completely melted (approximately 35 – 45 minutes), hold the auger knob and lower it into the cylinder. Fit the auger over the square pin in the center of the basin. Turn the auger clockwise to be sure it is securely in place. Place the top tier/crown on top of the cylinder.

10.   Press the toggle switch from PREHEAT to START, which will start the auger turning and carry the chocolate up through the cylinder, causing it to flow over the crown and tiers and then back into the basis.  As the cylinder fills with chocolate, there may be a brief knocking noise from the auger spinning against the cylinder, but this noise will go away quickly as the auger is coated with chocolate.

11.   Add the additional bag(s) of chocolate chips into the tiers, approximately 1 cup at a time, so that it will quickly melt when combined with the other melted chocolate.  Allow the chips to be melted before adding more. If you want to add a large quantity of chocolate at one time, you can melt it in its microwavable bag or in a double boiler. Replenish chocolate throughout the event as needed to maintain the minimum chocolate level of 6 pounds at one time.

12.   Once the initial 6 pounds (3 bags) of chocolate is melted, reduce the temperature so that the chocolate does not scorch.  The Operating Temperature should be a heat setting of 6 for Dark or Milk chocolate, 5 for white chocolate.

13.   If the White or Milk chocolate becomes too thick, decrease the temperature (which should never be above 7 or the chocolate may scorch).  If Dark chocolate becomes too thick, increase the temperature.

14.   Scrape sitting chocolate from the bottom of the basin and stir frequently throughout the event.

15.   At the end of your event, turn the toggle switch to OFF and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.  Never allow the electrical cord to come into contact with water.

16.   Scrape excess chocolate from the Crown and stabilizer with a spatula and place them directly into one of the smaller Zip-Lock bags provided with your rental.  Then, place them in the carrying case in their respective places.

17.   Pull the auger out of the cylinder by its knob, scraping the excess chocolate off with a spatula so that it falls back into the cylinder.  Place the auger into one of the larger Zip-Lock bags provided, eliminate air in the bag and seal the bag.  Place the auger in the bag into the appropriate space in the carrying case.

18.   Use a spatula to scrape excess chocolate from the remaining tiers and then place each in a Zip-Lock bag, seal the bag, and then place into the appropriate place in the carrying case.

19.   Twist off the removable basin (be careful not to have contact with the fountain base as it may be extremely hot) and pour leftover chocolate into a container or bag-lined garbage for storage or disposal.  Scrape the remaining chocolate out with a spatula and rinse the basin in a sink.  Never pour chocolate directly down the drain as it can harden in the pipes and damage the drain system.  Place the rinsed, chocolate-free, basin in a Zip-Lock bag, seal the bag and place it in the appropriate place in the carrying container.  Do NOT put the basin in the dish washer as the high heat could potentially damage the seals and bearings.

20.   Wipe any chocolate from the base with a paper towel and place in the carrying case. DO NOT put in water!

21.   Close-up the carrying case and return to San Diego Kids’ Party Rentals where we will properly clean and store the chocolate fountain.

Safety & Helpful Tips:

·         Always provide each guest with a plate and skewers so that they use a separate skewer for each food item.

·         Guests should never “Double Dip”, placing a food item that has been bitten back into the fondue flow.  Food items should only be dipped in the fondue once.

·         Cut all dipping items into bite-size pieces so they can easily be placed on skewers.

·         Never allow water to come into contact with chocolate as it can thicken and ruin the chocolate.

·         Air is often trapped in the cylinder and the bottom exterior portion of the crown when the fountain is initially turned one, which can cause uneven fondue flow. To correct this, simply turn off the fountain, wait 15-30 seconds to allow the air to escape and turn it on again. Repeat until flow improves. If air pockets are present at the base of the crown, take a rubber spatula and scrape around the area to release the air.

·         Never place any object, especially your fingers, inside the central cylinder while the fountain is in use. Doing so may cause server injury to persons or damage to the fountain itself.

·         Use of the fountain outdoors is not recommended due to potential issues with wind and the chocolate.

·         For more detailed instructions, refer to the Sephra Operating Manual for the Cortez model at: http://www.sephra.com/sites/all/themes/choco/docs/commercial-fountain-manuals/commercial-fountain-r2-manual-en_rev_7-08.pdf


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