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Creepy Circus Haunted House
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Creepy Circus Haunted House

Step Right Up for the scariest Haunted House in town!  Rent the Creepy Circus for your next event and send your guests home with hauntingly fun memories!

Our price $1,200.00

Dimensions 10' x 20'


Creepy Circus Haunted House

Step right up for the best show in town! The bright blue and yellow stripes on this 10'x20' World's Greatest Circus Tent warmly welcomes your guests to the circus.

But this isn't any circus....it's the circus of your nightmares! Posters and wall hangings of a juggler, ringmaster, muscle man, and a two-headed lady line the walls as creepy circus music and market lights bring the tent to life. As you enter the tent, you'll have to navigate your way through hanging bowling and question reality when you look into the distorted funhouse mirrors. A circus wouldn't be complete without clowns, and there are no shortage of them in this haunted circus! Wacko the clown will greet you by slowly swaying side to side and giving you the side-eye. Turn the corner and you'll see an adorable over-sized building block. Just when you start to question the placement of this adorable over-sized building block, (or when you break the sensor beam), the lid of the box quickly flips open and out pops an even scarier clown. BOO! 

What's included in the Creepy Circus Haunted House Rental?

We desinged these custom portable Haunted Houses in-house and you won't find them anywhere else!  The Creepy Circus haunted house is priced for 3 hours and comes fully loaded with animatronic clown props, light-up wall hangings, market lights, themed music, and professionally made haunt props.  If you don't have access to power, we'll include all necessary generator(s).  A complimentary Haunt Host is included with your reservation to welcome guests to your Circus.  Want to keep the circus going?  Each additional hour (after 3 hours, included in price), is $150.

How Can I Make It Scarier?

Consider adding one of our LIVE character clown entertainers to hide in the back and scare guests as they turn the last corner. It will be the last thing they are expecting!
Price for 3 hours is $300, and each additional hour is $100. 

Is the Creepy Circus Appropriate for All Ages?

We suggest scaring kiddos age 6 and older for this one.  The hanging bowling pins do have (fake) blood on them and could be scary to the younger kids, but other than that-- it's just a bunch of pop-ups and "boo" moments.  If they adore clowns, this may not be their jam.

I Want to Rent Multiple Haunted Houses.  Can You Give Me A Price Break?

YES-- we want to scare you as much as possible!  Each of our five Haunted Houses (Spooky Swamp, Creepy Circus, Grim Graveyard, Pirate Ship, and Haunted Mansion) are priced at $1200 for three hours.  Rent two for $1000/each, and three or more for $750/each!  Call us at (858) 560-2700 and we'll help make your nightmares come true.


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