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Dinosaur Fossil Party
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Dinosaur Fossil Party

Our Dinosaur Fossil Party is great for kids of all ages! Party includes a quick lesson on dinosaurs, story time, games, and an interactive fossil dig!

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Get ready for some prehistoric party fun! Our Paleontologists are eager to help you throw a DINO-mite event! Party entertainment starts with an introduction to all things dinosaur, where your paleontologist will teach your party guests about his favorite dinosaurs, read a story about dinosaurs, and lead prehistoric themed games. Watch as your kids have a ROAR-ing good time pretending to walk like a t-rex, run like a velociraptor, and fly around like a pterodactyl.




After games, it's time for some digging! Included in your Dinosaur Fossil Party is all of the equipment for a fun, interactive dig site- a 4' Chill 'n Fill table filled with sand, shovels and brushes, and hidden fossils. The paleontologist will explain how to dig for fossils and encourage kids to explore the Dinosaur Dig Site. For more details on our DINO-mite Dinosaur Fossil Parties, give us a call at (858) 560-2700.







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