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Rat-a-Tat-HAT - a party service provided by San Diego Kids Party Rentals in which party guests can make their own paper party hat out of paper bags and decorate them however they want to fit a theme, seasonal holiday, or their personal tastes. The paper hat party craft is a great idea for birthday parties, large festivals, school fundraisers, and other festive events in San Diego.

Our price $250.00

Price Note Prices Vary Based on Duration of the Event, Number of Hats to be Created, and for some Special Decoration Reuqests


Kids Entertainment Paper Bag Hats
The Ultimate in
Custom-Made Party Hats!!!
We supply all that you and your guests will need to create a masterful party hat -- complete with ribbons, feathers, stick-on images, colors, glitter, and more!! The hat is made from specialty paper bags and rolled to fit you or your child's head size -- then the decoration and creativity is up to you and your guests. You'll love making the hats as much as you'll enjoy wearing them!
 Paper bag party hats - San Diego
This is a great activity for large groups, company picnics, church and school events, or just a fun day in the neighbohood. We can tailor the decoration materials to fit a theme, special holiday (e.g. July 4th, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.), or something more tailored to your specific needs. These paper bag hats are a perfect kids craft, party favor, or just to add animation to your next event!
 Girl with Paper Bag Party Hat
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On-Site Party Hat Coordinator for 1 Hour
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paper bag kids hat craft
Just think of the photo opportunities with these super-cute paper bag hats!

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