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New Products for 2013!

2013 - New Rental & Entertainment Products

                                   Wipeout 8-Person Action Game      Euro Bunby Trampoline Rentals San Diego

                                                Wipeout 8-Person Action Game                                                Euro Bungy 4-in-1 Trampolines 
 Fun House Castle Bounce House Rental     Camelot Castle Bounce House Rental San Diego    Cat in the Hat Bounce House Slide Rental San DiegoDr Seuss Cat in the Hat Inflatable Jump
Fun House Castle Bounce House  Camelot Castle Bounce House     Cat in the Hat Bouncer & Slide               Cat in the Hat Bounce House
Chocolate Fountain Party Rental San Diego              Frozen Drink Machine Twin Bowl Rental San Diego                                  Nacho Cheese Dispensing Machine Rental San Diego        Raffle Drum Barrel 50 50 tickets rentals
      Chocolate Fountain         Dual Bowl Frozen Drink Machine               Nacho Cheese Dispenser               Raffle Ticket Drum
Snow Cone Machine Ice Chest Rental San Diego Polar Bear Snow Cone Machine Rental San Diego   Fill 'N chill Party Table with Ice Cooling Area Rental San Diego Cocktail bar table rental San Diego
  Snow Cone Machine Ice Chest      Polar Snow Cone Machine        Fill 'N Chill Party Table & Ice Tray 4' & 6'           Cocktail Table
Kids Round Table Rental Child Size  Kids White Chairs Child Size Rentals  Stanchion Post Rental Crowd Control  Stanchion Black Velour Rope Rental San Diego 
                  Kids Round Table                    Kids White Folding Chairs        Chrome Stanchion Post              Black Velour Rope
     Low Lying Fog Machine Rental San Diego                Vertical Colorful Fog Machine Rental San Diego                  Hurricane Hazer Machine Rental San Diego
              Low Lying Fog Machine                            Vertical Colored Fog Machine                      Haze Machine for Laser Lights
       LED Spot Light Rental                 Wide Area LED Light Rental San Diego        Pro Bubble Machine Rental
      60-Degree LED Sport Light                                   Wide Area LED Light                                         Pro Bubble Machine & Fluid
         Portable Patio Heater Rental San Diego             Electric Infrared Patio Heater Rental             Wireless Speaker Rental San Diego       Wired Microphone Rental San Diego
   Propane Patio Heater      Electric In/Outdoor Heater     Wireless Speaker with MP3       Wired Microphone with 10' Cord
Skeet Ball Carnival Game Rental  Bottle Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental       Pinball Game Carnival Theme Party Rental         Wacky Mirror for Hall of Mirrors Rental
                 Skeet Ball Carnival Game                  Ring Toss Carnival Game                          Alien Pinball  Game        Wacky Mirror
Monster Blast Carnival Halloween Game Rental  Snake Pit Roller Ball Carnival Game   Duck Pond Carnival Game
            Monster Blast Carnival Game                                Snake Pit Roller Ball Game                                Duck Pond Carnival Game
            Gorilla with Man in a Cage Entertainment Rental                   Ostrich Rider Party Entertainment Costume Rental  Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative              Pair of Fun House Mirrors
Gorilla with Man in the Cage         Ostrich Rider          Silly Shower-Dunk Tank Alternative    Pair of Fun House Mirrors
Halloween Haunted Graveyard Witty Gravestone Props                    Halloween Singing Ghost Bust Trio
    Haunted Portrait Gallery Halloween Rental Watchu                Teeth Painting Halloween Costume Party Entertainment San Diego         Mirror Mirror on the Wall Halloween Prop 
 Inverted Busts Who Watch You As You Go By                Teeth Painting                        Transforming Mirror
 Pumpkin Halloween Bounce House with Slide Rental   Halloween Kids Table & Chair Rentals with Orange Black Linens   Skeleton Jumping from Tree Stump & Hissing Halloween Prop Rental
    Pumpkin 5-in1 Bounce House                   Kids Halloween Table & Chairs                    Hissing Skull Stump Jumper
Haunted House Room Rental 3D Bubble Room San Diego  Halloween Skeleton Graveyard Haunted Room Rental  Halloween Haunted House Room of Creey Crawlers for Rent
             3-D Haunted Bubble Room                      Skeleton Graveyard Haunted Room                     Creepy Crawler Haunted Room
Halloween Haunted Distorted Mansion Room Rental
               Distorted Mansion Room
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