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New for 2008!

New Rental Items for 2008!               
56' Tropical Water Slide     
56' Foot Dual Lane Tropical Water Slide
    (click on image for details and pricing)
Or, Separately as a 22' Dry Slide and a 34' Run & Slide 
 xxTropical Dual Lane Slip 'N Slide                      22' Tropical Dual Lane Slide
                                            (click on image for details) 
Sesame Street Learning Town                Elmo Bounce House                             
(click on images for product details and price)                                                              
Inflatable Carnival Midway                            World Sports Games 
                                                   (click on images for details and pricing)
                 Pirate Bounce House & Slide Combination                 Hot Dog Steamer 
             Hot Dog Steamer                          
                  Aqua-Blaster                                             Live Giant Inflatable Characters        
          An Environmentally Friendly Dunk Tank                 "Boomer" the Clown        "Frankie" the Monster           
                 Giant Clown                                                                                                 
           (click on image for details and pricing)                                           (click on images for details and pricing)                      
           Inflatable Royal Throne                            Dual Option Spin Art Machine
                 Perfect for Your Prince or Princess                                Create Works of Art on Framed Cards or Frisbees
                                                                                           Dual Option Spin Art Machine - COMING SOON!
                     (click on image for details & pricing)                                                           (click on image for details and pricing)
 Carnival Games
            Home Run Derby                                                Can Smash                                                Hungry Hippo
         Elephant Trunk Toss                                               Bolo Toss                                             Pin the Nose on the Clown
                                                                                (Click on the images for game details and pricing)
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