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New Products for 2017

New Rental Games, Inflatables, Equipment & Entertainment for 2017

Every year we are constantly keeping a look out for all the newest and coolest games and inflatables.  2017 was no exception.  Check out the new selection below.

Inflatables & Inflatable Games


dj dance              sticky soccer inflatable           Beat the light

DJ Dance Party Inflatable Bounce                 Sticky Soccer Inflatable shoot out             Beat the Light Interactive Challenge


Hippo Bungee Challenge            Inflatable Concession Stand                        UFO Alien Bounce House            Gingerbread Bounce House with Slide




5 Hoop Basketball Challenge            Giant Adult Tricycles                                      Dual Lane Roller Ball                        Inflatable Human Foosball Game


       Tic Tac Four Interactive Inflatable Game Rental       King of the Hill Carnival Game Rental           Ninja Dash Obstacle Course         cornhole

   Connect Four Carnival Game                  King of the Hill Carnival Game             Ninja Dash Obstacle Course                   Cornhole Picnic Game


mlb airbrush tattoos        Halloween airbrushstar wars airbrush

MLB Airbrush Tattoos                    Halloween Airbrush            Starwars Airbrush tatoos

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