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Wacky Mirror in Folding Carrying Case

Wacky Mirror in Folding Carrying Case

The wacky, fun house mirror shows a distorted view of the viewers with a fat look or other type of carnival distortion. The mirror is perfect for creating a House of Mirrors or as part of a carnival theme party. The Fun House Mirror is available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Our price $65.00

Dimensions 70.5" H x 22" W


Wacky Fun House Mirror 
Wacky Mirror Carnival Theme Party Rental
Wacky Carnival Mirror Rental
The Wacky Fun House Mirror is a great addition to any type of carnival event or as a party attraction because eveyone loves to look into the mirror and see their funny reflection as a super tall and thin person.  Guests will want to go back again and again to see their new image!
The Wacky Fun House Mirror comes in a convenient carrying case that is created when the mirror is folded in half so that it becomes a self-contained and portable case with a secure latch for easy transport.

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