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Animal Derby Racers
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Animal Derby Racers

Animal Derby Racers - with lions, zebras, horses, and giraffes for party fun in San Diego! Availble for rent for kids parties and great when combined with the inflatable race track arena!

Our price $225.00

Dimensions Small or Medium


Animal Derby Racers
Animal Racers - Zebra and PonyRemember how fun that rocking horse was when you were a kid? Now imagine how much more fun it would be if the horse didn't just rock, but if you were able to ride around on it. Animal Derby Racers do just that!  They work with simple mechanics so that the animals go faster as you gently push down on the stirrups and seat to make the animals legs and head move forward and backward, propelling it forward in a galloping motion. By simply turning the handle bars on the animals' head left or right, you can steer the animal in that direction for super fun racing, or just exploring!  This is totally kid-powered and does not need batteries! It's lots of fun, and good exercise too!  Kids will surely love them!
The Animal Derby Racers are constructed from a sturdy steel frame, and covered in soft padding and a beautiful plush skin. The steel frame is capable of supporting over 200 pounds, so the only limitation on rider size is height. The seat is 20" from the ground, and the pedals are adjustable down to a 15" leg length
Animal Derby Racers are rented in groups of 3 racers by size:
 Medium Size Animal Derby Racers Party Rentals
Medium Size  (up to 225 lbs.)



Small Group of Animal Racers Party Rentals
Small Size (up to 150 lbs)
Brown Pony
Black Stallion
For on-line rentals, please specify which size animals you want to rent and we will confirm that the specific size is available via email, or call us at (858) 272-2700
Inflatable Race Track Arena
For even more fun, rent the Animal Derby Racers with the new Inflatable Race Track for a complete derby race arena!

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