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Bubble Shows

Bubble Shows

Big Bubble, Little Bubbles, Colorful Bubbles, Round Bubbles, Shaped Bubbles...Bubbles Everywhere!!!!

Everyone loves bubbles as they bring a smile to the faces of the old and young alike. Is it the changing spherical shape or the fragile nature of the thin soap film, or maybe its the swirling colors.....or, maybe it's all of the above..... For whatever reason we love bubbles, your kids will love watching and making bubbles and also enjoy learning more of the science of bubbles, shapes, and colors. We offer two types of bubble performances: one is the Indoor Bubble Show and the other is the Outdoor Bubble Program. Click on the icons below for more details. Both options can also be combined for an extraordinary bubble extravaganza!!!


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  • Indoor Bubble Show
    Our price $350.00
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  • Outdoor Bubble Play
    Our price $195.00
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