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 Ladies & Gentlemen!  Boys & Girls!
Step Right Up & Start Planning Your Very Own Carnival!
Your backyard or schoolyard carnival may not become the "Greatest Show on Earth" - -but, with a little planning, it can be just as much fun for kids of all ages!  The carnival theme provides loads of interactive games and activities to keep everyone involved and interested in participating.
Below are some of the key elements to consider when planning your next carnival.
Timing:  With the threat of rain diminished and longer days, April through November are some of the best months in San Diego for an outdoor event.  But, of course, it is San Diego, so anytime of the year is usually fine for being outdoors.Midway Carnival Games
Location:  depending on the size of your yard, you may consider holding your carnival at a park, school, church,  or even in the cul de sac on the street (with permission, and hopefully inclusion of the neighbors).  We've had lots of great backyard carnival parties, so your physical footprint should not be a limiting factor for fun!
Games:  Some of the most popular carnival games include:  ring toss games (e.g. on an elephant's trunk or even just on plasticHungry Hippo Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game bottles filled with sand), bean bag toss games (e.g. into the mouth of the Hungry Hippo (see left), or into colorful Trunk Toss Carnival Gamebeach pails   olorful beach pails), sports ball shooting into a basket (improvise by cutting a hole at the bottom of a suspended laundry basket), fishing for prizes in the duck pond (this is easy to make at home with a kiddie pool), shooting games (if you don't mind getting wet, squirt guns shooting ping pong balls off of golf teas can be some fun!), darts that are made with velcro instead of sharp points, tic tac toe by throwing a ball into the boxes for the 9 squares, can smash, and other throwing/tossing games that test the skill of the players!  Also, the traditional picnic games of potato sack races, egg on a spoon relay race, 3-legged race, and other old favorites can also be included as part of the carnival event schedule.  San Diego Kids' Party Rentals offers various carnival games for rent, including the inflatable midway with 4 large-scale carnival games,or the World Sports Games.  We can also provide a Game Master who will come in a referee shirt and organize all of the kids traditional games. No matter what type of games you decide to offer, two key elements for success are to (1) have a designated adult at each game to supervise the play, and (2) offer the kids prizes -- everyone likes to be a winner -- even if it's just a sticker or a raffle ticket for prizes that will be given later in the party.
 Spin Art Booth at a CarnivalBoy in Potato Sack Race
Activities:  there are lots of options for carnival activities for the kids, some include having an arts & crafts booth or table for the kids to make sand art; decorative hats, fans, masks, or bags; paintings; beads for necklaces; or even just coloring pages of clowns for the little ones.  Depending on the age of the children at your carnival, you may consider having these activities set-up on adjustable height children's tables so that the little ones can participate easily.  There are more elaborate activities such as a Spin Art Machine that allows the guests to make artistic paintings by dropping a small amount of paint on a spinning card or frisbee. Bubble Stations with wands in lots of different sizes and shapes can be fun (use Dawn dish soap mixed with water to make a large batch of bubble solution). You might also consider renting a photo booth, or just have someone with a digital camera who can print out the photos on-site -- ideally with a carnival theme backdrop.
Food:  when we think of carnivals, we probably think of Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Snow ConesHotdogs and Hamburgers, Slushies, and other types of treats that could easily be included in a backyard or school yard carnival event to solidify the theme.   But of course, for the more health conscious, corn-on-the-cob, summer salads, and grilled chicken or fish can also be included for more substantial offerings.
 Clown with Girl and Rabbit
Entertainment:  For starters --- clowns rule!  They're happy, smiley, friendly people who can do excellent face painting and balloon figures/creatures that will amaze even the doubtful! Plus, the kids with their festive balloons and colorful faces and arms will just add to the animation at your carnival event.  If you have a Clown who will do both face painting and balloons, our experience is that every child will want both -- so, be sure to hire the clown for a duration commensurate with the number of children at the event  (e.g. 1 hour with the clown for 10-15 children).  In addition to clowns, a variety entertainer who can do Stilt Walking (perfect at the entrance to the event), Juggling, and a bit of strolling Magic is always a big hit with kids and adults alike.  For added animation, the Giant Live Clown in an inflatable suit can add lots of fun and animation to the event.  
Pin the Nose on the Clown with BalloonsDecorations:  Balloons everywhere!  They're a festive addition to any carnival and can be tied to the game booths, canopies, signs, tables, etc. We usually like to have 2 clusters of balloons on each side of the entry area and then fastened to key areas in the carnival area (e.g. the game section or the food area).  The only problem with helium balloons, is that the latex type usually only hold their "float" for about 6-8 hours, so you can't get them too soon prior to the start of your event.  The options for getting the balloons, is to get them from a party store and transport them to your site (be careful -- driving with 30 balloons in the car seriously limits visibility as they fill the car and occasionally float around toward the driver's seat), rent a helium canister, purchase a disposable helium tank, or hire a company to deliver the balloons to your site.  In addition to the balloons, red and white streamers twisted together can be strung from the center of a room or canopy outwards from the center to resemble the big top of a carnival tent. 
 So, whether your budget is big or small, there are lots of ways to host a super fun and interactive carnival event for your next family, school, club, church, or company event!
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