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Carnival Theme Party

Carnival Theme Party

  San Diego Carnival Theme Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of All Ages,
Step Right Up & Host your Own Carnival!

Inflatable Midway with KidsYes, you can have your own San Diego carnival theme party just by renting our portable carnival games, fun carnival food machines, and hiring carnival-style entertainment!

Combine the carnival games with clowns, jugglers, magicians, and face painters and you'll have a blue ribbon carnival themed party event!  For a listing of our popular carnival game rentals and other items, please scroll below. Popular items include carnival game booths, carnival games, and fun food machines.

Click on our Party Tips for for more information on Hosting your own Carnival theme party. Carnival thme parties have been very successful as school and church fund raisers, as well as for birthday parties and neighborhood celebrations. Rentals are available in our delivery region in San Diego.


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