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Cheerleading Parties
Cheerleading Parties 


Everyone loves the glamour and grace of professional cheerleaders and now, with the introduction of so much more in dance moves, gymnastics, and pure athleticism -- cheerleading is great for girls of all ages!!!  Cheerleading provides great exercise, while also being super fun and advancing coordination and self-esteem. So, Gimme a "C" for Cheerleading and your little Cheerleader-in-the-Making will be sure to LOVE this party!!
   With our Cheerleading Parties, the entertainer, dressed as a cheerleading coach, comes out to the event with 20 sets of pom-poms and an a music system.  She teaches the kids cheerleading motions, a short cheer, a dance (to a Kidz Bop version of a popular song), a few kicks/jumps, and they also play a few quick games.  At the end of the apperance time, the kids perform what they've learned for the parents.  The "Birthday Girl" gets to become the "star perfomer" and will be front and center in the performance.  Not only is this performance fun to watch, but there are some great photo and video opportunities so everyone can remember this special day! 
 Cheer Party Theme San Diego Our Cheerleader Entertainers are young, enthusiatic, and former high school/college competitve cheerleaders who currently coach at several Elementary Schools in San Diego.  The material taught is age-appropriate and can be adapted to any age-group.  Parties are suggested for girls age 5 to 13. 

The Cheerleader Entertainer is also a great addition to a full cheerleading theme party or for a co-ed sports party!

Cheerleading Entertainer Kids Party San Diego
Give a Yell,
Give a Cheer,
Your Daughter's Birthday
is Here!

  Note: please request that all future cheerleaders attending your party, dress in comfortable clothes and gym shoes so that they will have full freedom on motion for the cheers. The children do not get to keep the pom poms.

1 hour      = $185  (suggested for up to 10 kids)
1.5 hours  = $230  (suggested for 10 to 15 kids)
2 hours     = $285 (suggested for up to 20 kids, but no more than 20 kids, please)
To book on-line, please click on the young girl cheerleader image below and complete the "Details" section at the bottom with your party information, or call us at (858) 272-2700 to book with one of our helpful staff members.


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