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Corkscrew Water Slide
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Corkscrew Water Slide

Corkskrew Water Slide - This is one of the most unique water slides in the inflatable rental industry.  You will have a lot of fun twisting and turning down and around the waterslide.  This is the perfect party rental for all ages to deal with the San Diego summer heat.

Our price $475.00

Weight 495.00 lbs
Dimensions 31' L x 24' W x 22' H
Space Required 34'L x 26'W x 23'H


Corkscrew Inflatable 22' Tall Water Slide
The Corkscrew inflatable water slide rental is a must for a hot summer San Diego day.  

Water Slide Rentals San Diego Waterslide
You will feel the adrenaline pumping, heart pounding exhilaration of wind in your face excitement! The Corkscrew inflatable water slide adventure begins by climbing up 17 steps to the top of the 22-foot high slide. Take a seat, catch your breath, and prepare for the ride of your life!
Push off onto the incredibly long 44-foot sliding lane as it propels you through a 180 degree right turn before screaming into the tunnel and through another 90 degree left turn, and finishing by sliding onto an inflatable Landing Mattress at the bottom of the waterslide.
  Tunnel in Inflatable Water Slide Rental San Diego
 With all its twists and turns we should have called it the screamer, as kids scream all the way through this amazing ride!
Requirements: The corkscrew water slide set-up location must be relatively flat, large enough to accommodate the slide with at least 5 feet on all sides and clear of trees and overhead wires, within 100 feet of a standard electrical power source, able to be connected to a water source via a regular garden hose, and accessible via a minimum of a 4-foot wide space from the driveway/street.  

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