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Cow Milking Carnival Contest
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Cow Milking Carnival Contest

Cow Milking Carnival Contest game for rent in San Diego - fun-filled kids entertainment for your next carnival theme or farm-theme party!

Our price $190.00

Dimensions 6' H x 7' W


Cow Milking Carnival Contest GameCow Milking Contest Carnival Game
Challengers step up to "Ol' Bessie" and do their best to out-milk each other.
Cow milking competitions have been an attraction at fairs and festivals for years. Now it can be enjoyed without the hassle of a live cow! Both country folk and city-slickers will have lots of fun with Cow Milking Contest. It can be played by one person using a timer or two contestants in "hand to hand" combat

Cow Milking Contest Carnival Game Includes:

  • Cow with Udders & Contest Banner

  • Fake "Milk" Cow Milking Contest Carnival Video (made with non-toxic food dye)

  • Buckets

  • Stool

  • Timer
Click Image for Video ====>       
Cow Milking Contest in Carnival Booth   Cow Milking Contest Under Carnival Tarp

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