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Frozen Drink or Slushy Machine

Frozen Drink or Slushy Machine

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Frozen Margarita or Slushy Machine Rental in San Diego, California

Our price $225.00

Dimensions 34" H x 8" W x 22" D

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Frozen Drink Machine
You won't miss the fun at your own party by being a slave to your blender ever again!!
The frozen drink machine mixer features a lighted top and a clear mix bowl that holds 3+ gallons of your favorite frozen beverage. The unit comes equipped with settings for both frozen and refrigerated drinks and individual slush density settings. It can be used for both non-alcoholic slushies and alcoholic frozen cocktails. The machine does not require any special water or electric lines, just plug it into a regular 110-volt, 15 or 20-amp outlet. The compact and quiet unit weighs 67 lbs without liquid.
It typically takes about 1-3 hours for the mixture to reach the desired "slushy" density, so be sure to turn it on well before the start of your party.  Also, if you plan to use more than just what will be included in the initial 3 gallons, you may want to store the additional supplies in the refrigerator so as to expedite the slushy process when you add them.  It is best to add additional supplies when the bowl is partially depleted, rather than wait until it is at the minimum level, so that you do not have to wait an hour during your party for it to cool.
Included:  Mix for 3 gallons of traditional flavored margaritas, strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry, and more.  Each gallon is 128 ounces, so with the 3 gallon frozen drink machine, you will have enough for sixty four (64) 6-ounce cups, or forty-eight (48) 8-ounce cups. 
NOTE: customer must supply their own alcohol if desired (e.g. Tequila, Triple Sec, Rum, etc)

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