Inflatable Concession Booth Mini Treat Shop

Inflatable Concession Booth Mini Treat Shop

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The Inflatable Concession Booth rental is an inflatable replica of a classic food booth that you would find at the fair or an old school carnival. The top features a popcorn bag and cotton candy cones, but you could really use the inflatable concession booth as a mini treat shop to sell just about anything. You can open all three windows to give a different carnival food or simply close the sides and just use one window. The inflatable is big enough to put up to three different food carts inside and d-rings around the top to hang your product. The rental of the inflatable concession booth does not include the food machines.

Want to save money on renting the The Inflatable Concession Booth?  Opt to come pick up the booth at our warehouse and not only willl you save money on the price, but picking up and returning to San Diego Kids Party Rentals will not fall under any minimum order or delivery fees.  Visit the The Inflatable Concession Booth for Customer pick up. 


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