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Magical Sand Art

Magical Sand Art
For your next party or fundraiser, think inside the box
-- the sandbox! 

  We'll set up our portable sandbox and treasure chest of sea shells and sea glass where all your guests can  participate in making their very own, customized party favor and watch in amazement as it magically hardens into their selected shape. This sandbox will be a highlight of the event!  

The Magical Sand Art is perfect for your next party, school or church fundraiser, company picnic, corporate team building initiative, or any type of beach-themed social function!  It's also makes a great wedding favor and activity for the guests.


The Magical Sand Art is really easy and fun to do in just a few simple steps!

  Sand Art - choose your mold Step One:

Choose Your Mold

We have a variety of molds from which to choose, including two sizes of the star fish, turtle, dolphin, Star of David, half moon, and Christmas tree -- or, use your hand or foot as a customized and personal mold!

Sand Art - Choose Your Shells and Sea Glass

Step Two:

Choose Your Shells & Sea Glass   You'll get to choose from our treasure chest of shells and colorful sea glass to adorn your selected sand art form.     Sand Art - Design Imprint Step Three: Design Your Imprint   Place your selected shells and sea glass where you want them in the mold for your own customized imprint! You may also want to add your name and/or date.  

Magical Sand Art in San Diego
  Step Four:

Wait for your Masterpiece!  With our special, magic formula that we mix with the sand, your Sand Art will be ready and hard within 20 minutes and will be perfect as a party favor, special momento, holiday ornament, or gift.         Sand Art of Kids Foot Prints We offer various models for fundraising events, so please call for prices and details to including the Magical Sand Art at your next function!

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  1-Hour Private Party- $300

*Price includes two specially trained Sand Art Attendants
*Accommodates 10-12 Sand Art designs or kids. Please note that it typically takes about 30 minutes from the time when first selecting the mold until the time when the design is hardened and complete so that all children will need to start during the first half hour of a one hour event.
 -->each additional 1/2 hour is $100 and can accommodate about 5-6 more designs/kids.

    3 Hour Corporate or Large Party Event - $700

*Price includes two specially trained Sand Art Attendants
*Accommodates about 20 Sand Art designs/kids per hour
--> each additional hour is $200 and can accommodate about 20 more Sand Art designs/kids.    

Magic Milk Sand Art San Diego Kids Party Craft NOTE: we will need easy access to water for this party craft to mix the "Magic Mixture" that hardens into the Sand Art mold and convenient parking for the Attendants as they will be bringing heavy buckets of sand and a variety of tables and other props/gear. Check Out Our Sand Art Video for More Details


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