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Middle School Carnival Fundraisers

Middle School Fundraising Packages

Check out the packages to not only host your own carnival fundraiser, but how you can earn money for you school or church by having fun throwing a party.  San Diego Kids Party Rentals provides options for every school or church budget.  Call or email us today for more details.  These three carnival packages were designed specifically for kids age 6-14.  Each package is discounted up to 20%.

How Does It Work?

  • Choose the carnival package that's right for your event  (consider # of estimated attendees, available space, etc)
  • Call us at (858) 560-2700 to check availability and discuss packages in further detail.
  • Confirm booking with a signed contract and minimum 50% deposit.
  • Sell tickets and/or wristbands to your students (maximize your profit by opening the event to their families as well)
  • Keep all money from ticket sales.
    • Example-  If you book Carnival Package #1 @ $1,500 and sell 250 tickets at $10/each, your profit is $1000!


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