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Monster Wave Water Slide
2 People can Slide Together! Monster Wave Inflatable Water Slide Rental San Diego Mosnter Wave Inflatable Slide 18- Foot Inflatable Water Slide Rental San Diego Sliding Around the Bend - Yahoo! Monster Wave and Super Splash Down

Monster Wave Water Slide

Monster Wave Water Slide -- exciting dual-lane water fun! The inflatable water slide allows two people to slide down at the same time and enjoy the thrill of the "curve" Definitely a big hit at kids parties! Available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Our price $425.00

Dimensions 25' L x 16' W x 18' H
Space Required 28'L x 18'W x 20'H


Monster Wave Dual-Lane Inflatable Water Slide!

Dual Lane Inflatable Water Slide Rental San Diego

The Monster Wave Inflatable Water Slide has been so popular that we've  had to buy a brand new one for 2014!  The Monster Wave water slide is the ultimate in inflatable water slides with two lanes for side-by-side sliding as the riders whip around the curve and slide onto an inflatable landing mattress.

Inflatable Waterslide Rentals San Diego

   This slide is sure to bring a smile to the face of  everyone who experiences it -- whether sliding  themselves or just watching the kids having a blast!  There's no better way to enjoy the hot summer days    than the super cool Monster Wave!
  All you need is access to a dedicated electrical outlet and a garden hose!
Requirements: The set-up location must be relatively flat, large enough to accommodate the slide with at least 2 feet on all sides and clear of trees and overhead wires, within 100 feet of a standard electrical power source, able to be connected to a water source via a regular garden hose, and accessible via a minimum of a 3-foot wide space from the driveway/street.

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