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New for 2009

New Rental & Entertainment Options for 2009!
New for 2009
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27' Cliff Hanger Inflatable Slide  Carnival Game Booths or Concession Booths     hot dog cart rental equipmentInflatable Carnival Midway Games
27-Foot Dual Lane Slide                8 Carnival Game Booths                    Hot Dog Cart           New & Improved Carnival Midway
Carnival Games
Clown High Strker Carnival GameHigh Striker Carnival Game     Anti Granvity Carnival Game   Volcano Roller Ball 
                    Clown High Striker                      Kiddie High Striker                 Anti-Gravity Ball                   Volcano Boulder Roller
Cow Milking Contest Carnival Game                 Feed the Monkey Carnival Game                 Penguin Fish Flinger Carnival Game
Cow Milking Contest Game                Feed The Monkey Game             Penguin Fish Flinger Game
Swashbuckle Pirate Cannonball Carnival Game                        Trick or Treat Halloween Game or Carnival Game
  Swashbuckling Pirate Cannonball Game          Trick or Treat Halloween Game
Lawn Greetings or Yard Art - with Changeable Numbers
 Happy Birthday Yard Art    Smiley Face Lawn Greeting   Princess Yard Art     Pirate Lawn Greeting    
   Cupcake Lawn Greeting               Smiley Face Lawn Greeting             Princess Lawn Greeting            Pirate Lawn Greetings 
Animal Yard Art
  Jungle Animal Lawn Greeting
Party Entertainment
Caricature Artists for Kids Parties                                      Princess Jasmine Party Character
                        Highly Talented Caricature Artists                                                  Princess Jasmina Party Character
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