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Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative

Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative

Unfortunately this rental product has been discontinued.  Please check out our other dunk tank options as a replacement for the silly shower.


Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative provides all the fun of a dunk tank, with None of the Water Issues! The water is treated and recirculated so that there is no leakage and the Silly Shower rental can be used indoors and outdoors and is available for rent from San Diego Kids Party Rentals.

Our price $350.00

Weight 260.00 lbs
Dimensions 32" W x 43" L x 84" H


Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative 
All the Crowd Pleasing Fun of a Dunk Tank,
With None of the Water Issues!
Silly Shower Dunk Tank Alternative Rental San Diego
Fun! Fun! Fun! That's what happens when you bring the Silly Shower to your next great event! 
The Silly Shower works just like a traditional dunk tank -- participants throw a ball to a target and if they hit the target, instead of the person falling into a tank of water, the person is inside a self-contained "shower stall" and is showered upon so that the fun of drenching the participant is equally exciting and effective!  Some of the other unique benefits of the Silly Shower include:
  • Limited Water Usage -- the Silly Shower can operate all day with just 2 buckets of water!
  • Constantly Cleaned Water - instead of grass-filled or muddy water, the water in the Silly Shower is cleaned by filtration and chlorination for each use.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Use - because the Silly Shower does not have any free-flowing water, it can also be used indoors during the winter months or if your outdoor event gets rained out.
  • Good for All Ages - because the participant isn't dunked into a tank of water, the participants can be almost any age -- young and old.  Swimming ability is also not a factor for participation.
  • Park Permitted -- we are still confirming this, but it looks like the Silly Shower can be used in San Diego Parks and Recreation Areas because it does not spill out water like the dunk tanks. Please call us to confirm this.
Silly Shower dunk tank alternative no water rental
Imagine the giggles when the person inside gets showered on!  It's all done in good taste combined with humor and laughter.  Great for Company Picnics and Fundraisers!
  Silly Shower
The Environmental Dunk Tank!

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