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Summer BBQ Parties

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Girl at BBQSummer Barbecue Parties
 As Memorial Day kicks off the start of summer, it's  time to start planning how to make the weekends extra special with family reunions, cook-outs, neighborhood block parties, and just any type of get together among friends!
Of course you have to start your planning with the date, guest list, budget, and then sending or emailing the invitations.  Once you have a fun-loving guest list created, you can focus on the two most important elements for a successful summer get together, which are:
          1. Food and Beverages  - for all tastes and preferences
          2. Entertainment, Games &  Activities -- especially for the kids  
Food & Beverage:
It's time to dust off those fancy barbecue tools, select your favorite zesty barbecue sauce, and get to grilling the fish, burgers, chicken, ribs, hot dogs, anGirl with Snowconed veggies on the grill!  There are lots of new twists on old-time salads, then don't forget the dessert with make-your- own sundaes or take advantage of fresh seasonal berries for strawberry short cake with lots of whipped cream!
Of course, there's lots of refreshing beverages with unique sun teas, lemonade, frozen slushies, rootbeer floats, and more alcoholic options for the adults.  Plus, to keep the kids hydrated during the day, entice them with snow cones and a variety of flavored syrups.
If the kids get hungry during the day, you might consider a hot dog steamer so that you don't need to be tending the grill throughout the day to keep the young ones fed and happy.
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Entertainment and Activities:
There are lots of ways to provide entertainment for both the adults and the kids.  While adults may be content to mingle and catch-up with old and new friends, the kids will want to play and play!  To prevent them from overly interrupting the adults during the party, be sure to have plenty of  pre-planned activities for them.  If you have access to a pool or beach, that's usually entertainment enough.  If you don't, you may want to substitute the pool by  renting an inflatable water slide or slip 'n slide and add it to the back yard fun. Another fun form of entertainment is the Aqua Blaster, the environmental dunk tank where kids can throw balls to get their parents or friends soaked!  By including a volleyball net with a pick-up game of kids and adults combined, or croquet, horseshoes, and other traditional back yard games -- you'll add to the entertainment.  You can also plan specific activities such as water balloon toss, wheel-barrow races, pitch and hit baseball played with a water balloon (you'll need some dry clothes for this one!), or other types of games like name that tune, solve the riddle scavenger hunt for prizes.  If you want a complete "no hassle" approach, consider hiring a Game Master for your party as he'll come dressed as a Referee and  will bring all of the party props (ties for 3-legged races, parachutes, cones for relay races, sacks for potato sack races, hula hoops, music, water balloons, etc).
All in all, you can't loose if you combine good friends and family with great food and drinks and lots of fun activities!
So, don't wait -- start planning your summer barbecue event today!
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