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Tea Party Spinning Cups Carnival Game
Tea Party Spinning Carnival Game Tea Party Spinning Cup Carnival Game Rental San Diego Electrical Outlet for the spinning tea cups

Tea Party Spinning Cups Carnival Game

Tea Party Carnival Game -  Try to toss the ping pong balls into the swirling tea cups that is gaurded by the Madd Hatter! Perfect carnival game or fun game for all ages!

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Tea Party Spinning Cups Carnival Game
 Tea Party Carnival Game with Spinning Tea Cups
The Madd Hatter is having a tea party - and the cups are spinning!!! 
This fun party game is great for all ages and it really tests the players skill as he or she tries to toss a ping pong balls into a tea cup, while the tray of cups is spinning round and round!
The Tea Party Carnival Game comeses with 6 ping pong balls and requires access to an electrical outlet to power the spinning plate of tea cups.  The game comes in a sturdy carrying case and has 4 legs that attach for easy child-appropriate play height.
Tea Party Carnival Game Party Rentals San Diego
If you are planning on using this Tea Party carnival game at a park or away from a power source, you may require a generator.  Alternatively, you can use this game without the spinning action on the plate so that the kids just throw the ping pong ball into the stationary cups.  It's a bit less challenging, but the kids still seem to enjoy it!

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