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Water Wars - Ultimate Water Balloon Launcher
Water Wars Water Balloon Game Set-up Schematic High School Fundraisers San Diego

Water Wars - Ultimate Water Balloon Launcher

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Water Wars Game - the ultimate water balloon launching system for fun family fun! Perfect summer rental in San Diego for fund raisers, company picnics, parties, and events. Water Wars Game Rental in San Diego.

Our price $1,500.00

Dimensions 10 feet x 30 feet


Water Wars Game - Ultimate Water Balloon Launcher!
The ONLY Water Wars Rental in San Diego!

Water Wars Water Balloon Launching Carnival Game Rental San Diego

Boy Launching Water Ballon in Water Wars Game Rental

The Water Wars Game water-balloon launcher is a new and exciting way to beat the heat -- plus some friendly competition that everyone is sure to love!  it's a great spectator sport as well, but be ready for all the squeals of delight and victory!!
Water Wars can be played with two teams (e.g. school class against class, or family against family at a neighborhood event), or even just one-on-one competition!  Depending on your format, participants can play for a set time period, per bucket of balloons, or however it works best for your group.  Just have them "man the battle stations" and enjoy the fun!
The Water Wars game includes a special high-speed balloon blowing nozzle for super-fast re-supply of water-filled ammunition!
Water Balloon Filling Station - Water Wars Party Rental
It's easy to fill the water balloons with the high-speed system that simiply connects to a regular garden hose. 
Each participant gets their own bucket of balloons as their 'ammunition stash' and then loads the launcher and enjoy the fun -- an the retaliation!
Water Balloon Filling Station with Water Balloons
Water Wars, the ulitmate water balloon launcher, is portable and perfect for great family fun! Include Water Wars at your next School Event, Fair or Festival, Fund Raiser, Party, Promotion, Picnic, Carnival or Corporate Event or Picnic!
For more details, please click on the video below.

 Included with Rental: 
  • 3-Hour Rental
  • Set-up and take-down
  • 2 Battle Stations with Launcher
  • 100 water balloons for you to fill up at the Balloon-Filling Station 
  • Balloon Filling Station with: 2 balloon speed tying devices, two 1/4 turn faucets
  • Safety Bumper Pads
  • Overhead Net Support
  • Stanchion-style fencing
  • Depending on location, delivery fees may apply.
If you are expecting a large crowd at your event, please contact us to inquire about the following:
  • On-Site Attendant to run Water Wars and maintain water balloon supply during event
  • Additonal water balloons
  • Additional time blocks
The Water Wars game court size is 10' x 30' (see image below) and there should be enough space on all sides, with one side designated for a queue.   There also needs to be access to a garden hose for water supply.

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