1 Hole Miniature Golf Course - Ring the Chairs Rental

1 Hole Miniature Golf Course - Ring the Chairs Rental

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 10x10

Actual Size: 2 by 6

1 Hole Miniature Golf Course - Ring the Chains

Are you tired of the same old boring backyard parties and events? Add excitement to your next event with our portable miniature golf course! Our course includes a challenging hole with a chain feature you need to go through.

The golfers hit the golf ball between chains to reach the hole. This adds an extra element of difficulty and strategy to the game, as the narrow space between the chains will require players to be precise with their swings. It's also a clever way to create obstacles on the course without taking up too much space. Overall, this miniature golf hole is a great addition to any course or event.

Our miniature golf course is easy to set up and transport, so you can bring the fun to any location. It's suitable for events like birthday parties, corporate events, family gatherings, and more. Putting fun at your fingertips has never been easier!

Contact us today to rent our portable miniature golf course and add a new level of excitement to your next event.

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