Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your deposit and cancellation policies?

A. All reservations must be secured with a $50 or 10% (which ever is greater)  deposit to reserve the inflatable unit, entertainment and/or rental equipment. A credit card is required for all bookings, even if it is just to be kept on file and actual payment is via cash or check. We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Personal checks are only accepted for deposits made more than 14 days prior to the event. All balances must be paid before the time of delivery. With prior agreement, we do accept company checks.

Cancellation Fee:

If cancelled 8 or more days prior to your event - $50 Cancellation Fee or the cost of the rental/entertainment, whichever is less
If cancelled within 7 Days of your event (except within 72 hours of event), Cancellation Fee of 50% of total order amount
If cancelled within 72 hours of event, Cancellation Fee of 100% of total order amount
These fees will be charged to the credit card on file.

Cancellation of rentals due to inclement weather (rain, lightning, high winds) prior to San Diego Kids' Party Rentals, Inc. (SDKPRI) delivering or setting up rented equipment, will result in a cancellation with any deposit and/or payment able to be applied to another rental time period within 90 days at the Lessee's choosing, pending equipment availability. Cancellation after SDKPR has set-up the jump or equipment, will result in full payment for the rental.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to rescheduling and/or shortening the duration of Entertainment

Q. What are your delivery, setup and take-down processes?

A.San Diego Kids' Party Rentals, Inc. ("SDKPRI") will deliver and set up each Inflatable Unit, food equipment, tables/chairs and other rental items. We will ensure that all rental items are clean and in good working condition well before your party starts. Before leaving, we will review with you all safety and operating procedures. We'll come back to take it down after the party is over. Set up normally takes about 15-30 minutes, and take down is about 30-45 minutes per unit or rental equipment. Water slides often require longer set-up and take-down.

Q. What do I need to be able to set-up an Inflatable Unit?

A. All sprinklers must be shut off one day prior to set-up of the Inflatable unit. An electrical outlet must be located within 100 feet of the set-up position. Adequate space must be available for the Inflatable Unit, which generally is 2-feet of unobstructed area around the Unit and a bit more at the entrance. Access to the set-up area must be unobstructed for a 3-foot wide hand-truck (dolly). There must be a flat area to setup the bounce. We can set-up on a slight incline, but will not set-up if the incline is so steep that the children using the Inflatable Unit will automatically slide to the downward sloping side.

Q. What kind of power is required?

A.Our Inflatable Units plug into a standard 110V household outlet. We will supply a heavy-duty extension cord and ask that nothing else be plugged into the same outlet that is being used for the Inflatable Unit. Placement of the Inflatable Unit should be no more than 100 ft from that outlet. If you would like to set up an Inflatable Unit at a park or a place without an electrical outlet within 100ft, please let us know and we can arrange to provide a generator and gasoline for an additional rental charge.

Q. On what type of surface can the Inflatable Jump, Slide or Obstacle Course be placed?

A.The safest surface is a level grassy area. However, we can set up on concrete, asphalt, artificial turf, or bark. We can even set up the Inflatable Unit in a driveway or cul-de-sac. Please specify when ordering which surface we will be setting up on and we will make sure that we bring the proper anchors for your event. Please note that set-ups on dirt surfaces typically incur an additional $50 to $100 cleaning fee due to the condition of the equipment at the end of the rental period and are not recommended.

Q. How do I reserve my Inflatable Unit, Concession Equipment, Party Supplies, Entertainment and/or other Party Rental Equipment?

A.Simple! Use our easy-to-use on-line booking system identified with each rental product, send us an email at, or call us at (858) 560-2700 so we can reserve your Inflatable Unit and equipment. We will gladly answer any questions you might have.

Q. Do you deliver and set-up in Parks?

A.Yes. Parks are a great place to host a party with an Inflatable! We are fully insured to cover events at parks and other public places. We deliver to most parks in the County of San Diego and have many city entities (e.g. City of San Diego, Carlsbad, Coronado, Poway, Port of San Diego, Santee, San Marco, etc) listed as "additionally insured" on our general liability policy so that we are already on the "approved vendor" list. We have a blanket insurance policy so that we can add other entities as "additionally insured" by including them in the terms of our rental contract. With a few days notice, we can also work with our insurance company to have them provide a separate insurance form. Most parks and recreational centers require that you have a special use permit so please check if you need a permit at your desired site and if there will be electric power available for use within 100 feet of the set-up site. We can provide a generator for an additional charge if power is not available. Please note that as the Lessee, it is your responsibility to have any necessary permits in-place and present at the event.

Q. Do you deliver to all of San Diego County?

A. We deliver to most areas in San Diego County with delivery fees and minimum order fees applying to some locations. Check out our Delivery Area section of the web site for a detailed list of fees by zip code.  

Q. Do you have a minimum order size for rental deliveries?

A.Yes. Every zip code has a minumum order fee to qualify for delivery.  If the minimum order fee is met, San Diego Kids Party Rentals will deliver and pick up the equipment.  If the delivery minimum is not met, you will have the option to pay the difference as a delivery fee or add on more equipment to reach the delivery minimum.   If both the delivery minimum and delivery fee are too high, you have the option to come and pick much of the equipment from our warehouse.

Q. Can we keep the Inflatable overnight?

A.Yes! All rentals are good for 3 days if you are having your party at a private secure residence.  If your party is in a park, your times wll be limited to daylight hours.  Please give us a call at (858) 560-2700 to arrange the details of your overnight rental and for the price of any additional fees.

Q. How soon should I book my Inflatable Bounce House, Concession Equipment, Party Rental Equipment, and/or Entertainment?

A. As soon as possible. Our inflatable Units, Concession Equipment, Entertainers or other Party Rental Equipment are booked first-come, first-served so the sooner you book, the better your selection will be.

Q. Are the Inflatables, Concession Equipment or other Party Rental Equipment Clean?

A. Of course! Not only are equipment from San Diego Kids' Party Rentals, Inc. cleaned and sanitized prior to every use, our units are quite new and are well maintained.

Q. What are my responsibilities as the Lessee?

A.Our contract requires that an adult be present when the Inflatable Unit or Interactive Game is setup. We will review the features of the Inflatable unit with this individual, as well as our safety regulations. An adult MUST accompany the Inflatable unit anytime it is inflated. This person is responsible for the safety of the children, as well as, the care of the equipment by making sure that ALL safety rules and regulations are followed. We do offer an insurance policy as an extra piece of mind for incidental damage, please ask for details.

Q. Can adults bounce too?

A. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot allow adults to jump in our Bouncer Unit. Please allow the kids to bounce freely as injuries can occur with different weight distributions.

Q. What happens if we damage your equipment?

A.We understand that wear and tear takes a toll on the equipment over the course of time. However, if damages were done due to negligence we will be required to charge an additional fee for repair costs. Specific care and safety instructions are provided on the rental contract and placed on the Inflatable Unit. We do offer and incidental damage policy if you need that extra peace of mind.

Q. Do we need to clean the Concession Equipment when we return it?

A. No. We want your event to be "hassle-free", which means that we do the cleaning! Also, we use special cleansers on our equipment to ensure that it is as spotless and sanitized as possible, so we actually prefer that you return it to us "as is" at the end of the rental.

Q. What other policies apply to booking party entertainment (clowns, magicians, characters, etc)?

A. Shown below are the other policies regarding entertainment bookings:

Our events are best performed in cool temperature, spacious and relatively quiet areas.

Mascot characters appearing for one hour or longer are required to take breaks, 15 min. for every hour appearance. Mascots are those characters who may have limited mobility or visibility due to the nature of their costume.

An assistant will always be in attendance with mascots and will remain during breaks to entertain your guests. SDKPR is not responsible for any injuries/illnesses occurred during your event/appearance. Each child is to be supervised by a parent/guardian during the appearance and activities are entered upon at the child/parent's own risk.

If SDKPR (for some reason beyond our control) does not show up for an event, your deposit is refundable.

Event arrival time is subject to a /- 15 minutes from the requested time.

You are responsible for the performers finding suitable parking at your event. If they incur any parking fees or tickets, you will be charged accordingly. If a performer is late due to finding suitable parking at your event, that time will be deducted from your character's appearance or you will be charged for that additional time.

You are responsible for any equipment your party guests remove from the performers' bags. You will be charged/billed for any equipment that becomes missing or broken during your event (unless due to normal wear and tear on our part).

Deposits and fee balance are not refundable due to the subjectivity of the performance.

By submitting this agreement, you hold SDKPR harmless for any property damage occurred during the appearance.
No discounts or refunds are given based on the subjectivity of the actor's performance. Your balance due will be charged upon completion of the event.

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