Cotton Candy Machine for customer pick up

Cotton Candy Machine for customer pick up

Includes up to a 4 day rental

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Setup Area: 3x3

Actual Size: 3x3

Outlets: 1

Cotton Candy Machine for Customer Pick up (Optional Stand or Cart add-on)

With opting to come pick up the cotton candy machine rental at our warehouse you are saving money on the price and not subject to any minimum orders or delivery fees.  The cotton candy machine will fit in most all vehicles, but espcially easy in any suv's or vehicles with a hatch back.  Start your party planning today and add a cotton candy machine to your next event.

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

The high volume table-top cotton candy machine and tub also comes with a pink plastic dome so that the floss sugar is self-contained within the tub.  Cotton Candy is fun for both the kids that eat the sugar concoction and the adults that make the floss and run the machine.  With the high volume capabilities of this machine you can make a wand of cotton candy about every 30 seconds if so desired.
This machine is meant to be placed on a table.  Don't have a table at your event?  Include the Square Cotton Candy Stand or the super-cute Cotton Candy Cart with Large Wheels!
The Square Cotton Candy Stand is designed for the Cotton Candy machine to sit on top of it and so that the machine is at a good height for the machine operator to make the cotton candy wands. The Square Cotton Candy Stand has 2" diameter casters for easy movement & it has a place within the stand to store additional supplies. 
The Cotton Candy Cart with Large Wheels (pictured to the right) is designed so that the cotton candy machine sits inside of the cart with only the tub and cover visible.  It is truly a great set-up!
Please note that we only have one Cotton Candy Cart with Large Wheels and the rental will be subject to availability.

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