Inflatable 3d Twister

Inflatable 3d Twister

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 21x21x10

Actual Size: 18x18x9

Outlets: 1

Right hand, red!  If you thought regular Twister was a challenge, wait until you try your hand in the Inflatable 3D Twister arena!   Up to 20 players can battle it out at once in the Inflatable in this Triple Twister Challenge!  Included with the rental are two dice-- one with colored dots and the other to direct the player which body part-- hand or foot, left or right-- to place on the chosen colored dot. 

Players can use the dots on the floor as they would in a normal game of Twister or they can choose to use any of the dots on the three vertical walls surrounding the game's floorboard.  Sounds easy enough, right?
This inflatable carnival game appeals to kids and adults of all ages as well as the audience at your event since it is so fun to watch.  Left foot, blue!
REQUIREMENTS:  This inflatable unit requires access to electricity within 100 feet of the set-up area.  If you do not have access to power, a generator may be rented for an a
dditonal fee to supply power to the unit.

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