Inflatable Connect Four

Inflatable Connect Four

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 10' L x 14' W x 13' H

Actual Size: 8' L x 12' W x 11' H

Challenge opponents in this larger than life adaption of the board game classic Connect Four! The colorful inflatable connect carnival game is perfect for any type of party or event where you want to keep your guest happily entertained.

Perfect for corporate events, parties, social gatherings, or any event where you're looking to add some fun for your guests. Players compete with each other to try and be the first to get four balls in a row, but it's not as easy as it looks! You shoot the balls basketball style into the top of the inflatable with each ball coming down into a given square. You have to use both strategy and skill to get four in a row. The inflatable Connect Four game can be played solo or as a one on one competitions.

inflatable connect four  


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