56 Tropical Dual Lane Water Slide

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 59'L x 15'W x 21'H

Actual Size: 56' L x 13' W x 20' H

56' Foot Dual Lane Tropical Water Slide
Our 56' Tropical Dual Lane Water Slide features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down our 22' Tropical Slide. At the bottom, riders continue down 34' of additional sliding fun before exiting this incredible ride!   This is the best water slide available in San Diego! 
This unit is perfect for family backyards or cul de sacs, schools, churches, summer camps, and more! This water slide is sure to be a favorite of kids of all ages!!        
Requirements: The set-up location must be relatively flat, large enough to accommodate the slide with at least 2 feet on all sides and clear of trees and overhead wires, within 100 feet of a standard electrical power source, able to be connected to a water source via a regular garden hose, and accessible via a minimum of a 3-foot wide space from the driveway/street.

Please note:  The 56' Dual Lane Tropical Water Slide may not be setup at a park.


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