9' Inflatable Movie Screen

9 Foot Inflatable  Movie Screen


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Actual Size: 10.5' x 8.3' Screen Frame

9' Inflatable Movie & Projection System
Movies under the Stars in your own Backyard!
This is the perfect backyard-size movie screen!  The freestanding screen area is 9' x 5' with a 123" diagonal projection surface and 16:9 aspect ration.   The inflatable movie screen is designed to provide optimum tension for the projection surface without the work of tying, clipping, or zipping on a projection surface.
This portable screen and audio-visual system can also be used for video games, presentations (connects to a laptop for PowerPoint or other presentation software), NFL football parties by connecting to a T.V. (consider the lighting and time of day of the game), or Music Videos for Dance Parties. 
The Portable Movie Cinema Rental Includes:
  • - 8.3' H x 10.5' W Screen Frame with 123" diagonal wide screen
  • - Inflatable screen with matte white projection surface
  • - Air blower in a specialized "muffling" box to ensure a quiet viewing experience
  • - Custom-built "Cinema Box" for safe handling of the Audio-Visual Equipment
  • - Sanyo projector - 3000 Lumens
  • - DVD Player with preview screen
  • - Multi-Channel Audio Mixer - with inputs for microphone and  stereo lines
  • - Professional wireless microphone for pre and post-movie announcements
  • - 2, Active 12" bi-amplified, 400 watt, Mackie stereo speakers
  • - 2 professional speaker stands for wider sound dispersion
  • - Speaker cables and power cables
You Simply Bring the Movie and Guests, We'll Bring the Rest!  
  • Relatively open area that is flat or slightly sloping and big enough to accommodate the screen, projector and movie viewers  (up to 50 viewers)
  • Access to electrical outlet or generator within 100 feet of the projector and screen set-up location. 
  • All sprinkler systems must be turned-off prior to the start of the movie and remain off until after equipment take-down.  A dry lawn is preferable for the viewers on blankets.
  • No overhead obstructions near the screen (trees, telephone/cable wires, etc.)
  • You select and provide the movie and adhere to any relevant licensing conditions. Typically licenses are not required for back-yard private movie showings, but they are required for any public showing. For details on obtaining licenses, go to swank.com or call them at 1-800-876-5577.        
    NOTE: If you book on-line, the latest default pick-up time is 7:00 PM, please select that and recognize that in actuality, we will arrange to pick it up the following day. Thanks!

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