Bolo Toss or Golf Ladder Party Game

Bolo Toss or Golf Ladder Party Game

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Bolo Toss or Ladder Golf Party Game
Bolo Toss, sometimes referred to as "Ladder Golf", is a fun-filled skill tossing game that is great for all ages and perfect for a company picnic, family celebration, or fundraising event!  
Players stand back 6 feet (shorter for the little ones) and toss the "balls-on-a-rope" (golf balls on 13" of nylon rope) in an attempt to wrap the rope around the three horizontal bars.  There are lots of ways to play and reward with prizes. Below are just a few:
Full Rack: When a player lands one of the "balls-on-a-rope" on each of the three rungs in one round.

Hat Trick: When a player lands all three "balls-on-a-rope" on one rung in one round.

Rungs: The game has 3 rungs. The top one is worth 3 points, the middle one is worth 2, and the bottom one is worth 1 point.
Rental Includes: 1 bar stand with fold out brace and 4 balls-on-a-rope.  

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