Clown High Striker Carnival Game

Clown High Striker Carnival Game

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 5x10

Actual Size: 3x5

Clown High Striker Carnival Game
This is a classic carnival game that is sometimes known as "Strong Man", but this unit is specifically designed for kids.  The goal is to hit the pallet hard enough with the rubber mallet so that the weight is moved all the way up the wire and rings the bell.    
The High Striker stands 5' tall and can be used with the clown backdrop (pictured) or the traditional numbered backdrop-- please specify your preference.
The High Striker Clown Carnival Game can be geared so that different prizes are given for each level to embrace that every child is a winner, or only that prizes are given for the "Super Kid" level, or just promote the element of competition and let the bragging rights be the prize.....  However you choose to organize this game -- the kids (and adults) are going to love it!!

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