Giant Beer Pong Game

Giant Beer Pong Game

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 20Wx10Lx8H

Actual Size: 20Wx10Lx8H

Age Group: all

To play, fill the red "Solo Cups" with water, or choose to play without water.  Game play works like regular beer pong.  Two teams set up on each side and take turns attempting to throw the white "Ping Pong Ball" (actually a volleyball) into one of the cups.  If you make it in a cup, that cup is removed and set aside from gameplay.  The team to get rid of all of their cups first wins!

Requirements for the Giant Beer Pong Game:  Participants must be 21+ if playing with alcohol.  You may not fill up the bins with alcohol.  Instead, drink from the beer in your hand each time a basket is made.  A cleaning fee and fine will be applied if we discover alcohol was used in the bins.


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