Hit the Bucket

Hit the Bucket

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 24" Width x 30 deep x 45" tall

Hit the Bucket Carnival Game 

Throw to hard and they bounce out, too soft and they don't make the bucket, but just right and you win.  In the Hit the Bucket carnival game you toss wiffle balls and try to get them to land inside the bucket. 

The Hit the Bucket carnival game is very easy to move around and has detachable legs that let you set it up pretty much anywhere.  These types of games are perfect for the preschool to 7 year old range and make great attractions at any carnival themed birthday party.  

Want to save money on renting the The Hit the Bucket carnival game?  Opt to come pick up the game at our warehouse and not only willl you save money on the price, but picking up and returning to San Diego Kids Party Rentals will not fall under any minimum order or delivery fees.  Visit Hit the Bucket for customer pick up.

Start your party planning today and rent the Hit the Bucket carnivnal game today.

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