Snake Pit Carnival Game

Snake Pit Carnival Game

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Actual Size: Open: 23" x 70.5" x 10"

Snake Pit  Carnival Game
The Snake Pit Carnival Game is more challenging than may of our other carnival game rentals and is great for older kids as they try to rotate the red raceway so that the balls can roll down the raceway without falling off into the "Snake Pit".  The trick is to use the mini bumpers positioned on the raceway and slowly move the ball down the race track to the targeted holes.  The holes toward the end of the race track have a higher value, so you'll want to aim for those.  The player with the highest score after 3 balls wins!

Questions?  Give us a call at (858) 560-2700 and we can help you choose the carnival game that's right for your event!

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