Snow Cone Machine Polar Pete for Customer Pick Up

Snow Cone Machine Polar Pete for Customer Pick Up

Includes up to a 4 day rental

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Polar Pete Snow Cone Machine for Customer Pick Up!
With opting to come pick up the snow cone machine at our warehouse you are saving money on the price and not subject to any minimum orders or delivery fees.  The Polar Pete Snow Cone machne will fit in most all vehicles but especially any suv's or vehicles with a hatch back.  Start your party planning today and add a snow cone machine rental to your next event.
Need a way to cool off as the weather gets warm? The Polar Bear-shaped Snow Cone machine is not only the cutest sno cone machine around, it's also one of the most rugged and portable commercial-grade sno-cone makers available.  It's made of light-weight materials, but it still has the same components and power as the more traditional snow cone machines.   It also has an impressive output with the capability to churn out 500 pounds of snow per hour!  That's a lot of snowcones!!!
NOTE: Customers must supply the ice and cooler, usually a 10 to 20 pound bag of ice will be sufficient for a party of approx. 50 kids. Any household cooler that will keep the bagged ice cold should work fine.
Rent Polar Pete with the Matching Insulated Ice Chest for an Even Cuter and More Functional Snow Cone Machine Rental!!!

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