Stand a Bottle - CP

Stand a Bottle - CP

Includes up to a 4 day rental

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Setup Area: 24" Width x 30 deep x 45" tall

Stand a Bottle Carnival Game for Customer Pick Up 

Using the wand and ring, try to get the aluminum bottle into an upright position on the stand.  Don't worry if the bottle falls it doesn't break but the bottle that is standing at the end wins the prize.

The Stand the Bottle carnival game is very easy to move around and has detachable legs that let you set it up pretty much anywhere.  These types of games are perfect for the preschool to 7 year old range and make great attractions at any carnival themed birthday party.  

With opting to come pick up the game at our warehouse you are saving money on the price and not subject to any minimum orders or delivery fees.  Start your party planning today and rent the Bingo Balls carnivnal game today.

Start your party planning today and rent the Stand the Bottle carnival game.

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