Sumo Wrestling Suits and Inflatable Arena

Sumo Wrestling Suits and Inflatable Arena

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 28'L x 27'W x 8'H

Actual Size: 25' x 25' Inflatable Arena

Sumo Wrestling Suits & Inflatable Arena
With all of the bumping and bouncing in the Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Arena, you and your guests will be sure to have a fun-filled time both watching and "wrestling."  This event is great for corporate team building, high school Grad Night events, school or church carnival, an adult or teen birthday, or just a fun day in the neighborhood!
Our Inflatable Sumo Wrestling Inflatable Arena is the perfect answer when thinking fun and safety! The key feature of the Sumo Inflatable Arena is to keep everyone involved safe, so that the inflatable walls on the arena help to prevent Sumo Wrestling Participants from falling outside of the protective foam wrestling mat. It also keeps bystanders at a safe distance by providing a safety buffer.  Plus, the unique wedge-shaped design makes it safe for the participants to land only partially on the inflated surface. It also makes it much easier to get participants back on their feet!  Participants and operators can easily walk in and out of the Sumo Safety Arena via a single opening at the corner of the unit.
San Diego Kids Party Rentals can include a Referee or Operator for the Sumo Wrestling Arena for an additional fee
What's Included:
* 2 Foam Sumo Wrestling Suits
* 2 Wig-Shaped Helmets - designed in the Traditional Japanese Sumo Hairstyle
* 4 Hand-Shaped Mittens
* 25' x 25' Inflatable Wrestling Arena with the unique "wedge-shaped" design
* Wrestling Padded Mat


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