22 Tropical Dual Lane Slide

Includes up to a 3 day rental (72Hours)

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Setup Area: 30L x 17w x 22H

Actual Size: 25' L x 13' W x 22' H

22' Tropical Dual Lane Slide         
Our 22' Tropical Dual Lane Slide features a radical sliding angle that's sure to get the adrenaline pumping as riders scream down to the bottom. As with all of our slides, the entire top of the slide is meshed in to prevent anyone from standing or jumping down the slide.
For even more fun, convert this slide into a hair-raising Water Slide by connecting it to our Slip 'N' Slide Tropical 2 Lane Slide. This slide cannot be used as a water slide as a stand-alone unit.  You must rent the entire 56' Tropical Water Slide for it to be used with water.
Requirements: The set-up location must be relatively flat, large enough to accommodate the slide with at least 2 feet on all sides and clear of trees and overhead wires, within 100 feet of a standard electrical power source, able to be connected to a water source via a regular garden hose, and accessible via a minimum of a 3-foot wide space from the driveway/street.
If you are planning to hold your party or event at a Park or Recreation Area, you likely will need to rent a generator to provide the power source and obtain a special use permit. San Diego Kids' Party Rentals is listed as an "approved" vendor at most local parks and recreation areas in San Diego county.  Each park or recreation area may have different requirements and/or limitations for inflatables and equipment, especially the larger size rentals, so please check this out prior to booking. Click for San Diego Park Information or give us a call for more information.

Please note IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR RENTAL AT A PARK, you will need a generator and many parks require you to rent the generator from the same bounce house/inflatable rental company (check with your local park for details).  San Diego Kids Party Rentals rents out generators and each inflatable will take one generator.

Every park will also require you to obtain a permit for an inflatable.  Many of the parks have different permit fees and restrictions, so once again, please check with the local park for details.  San Diego Kids Party Rentals can not obtain the permit for you.

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